Health & Wellness 

Dr. Fatema takes a well-rounded approach to coaching, which includes working one-on-one with clients to find solutions together that take into consideration the client’s overall bio-psycho-social profile (mind, body, soul). She has found this approach to be both educational and empowering for clients looking to make a change. Her experience as a dietitian and medical doctor offers a unique and well-rounded perspective, allowing her to guide you on a wellness journey best suited for your needs.


Whether you are just starting out on your wellness journey and need more information, or have been experimenting with different health and wellness techniques for years and need a change, Dr. Fatema is able to provide you with a personalised coaching programme to help you on your way to a better life.


Virtual coaching sessions are now available with Dr. Fatema and are held one-on-one. Please refer to the packages below for more information on coaching opportunities.

Coming in 2019

Look out for our 3 month group coaching programme Reclaim Your Energy launching soon. An in depth holistic programme created for the busy, tired woman looking to prioritise her health and wellbeing by creating healthy habits.

Coming Soon

Reclaim Your Energy

A Step by Step Holistic Approach For the Tired Woman

Sign Up for a 20 minute Taster Session and See if We Are a Good Fit


60 min session - to get you started on your health or wellness journey*



  • goal setting

  • guidance re: lifestyle measures, nutritional guidance and dietary changes, meal planning, etc

  • Follow up email with action plan

  • 1 week unlimited email support

*topics that can be covered include: weight loss, mindful eating, healthy eating, diet therapy (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, coeliac disease), stress management, and improving sleep

Make it stick

4 week programme - for those who need a bit more accountability and support as they start on their habit change journey



  • 'getting started' package plus

  • three 30-minute calls weekly

  • 1 month unlimited email support


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